paul mccartney singing Jet at spectrum

Paul McCartney & Wings at the Spectrum performing "Jet" © ROGER BARONE 1976


In 1990, McCartney returned to Philadelphia for a couple of concerts at Veterans Stadium. Before the second night’s concert on (7/14/1990), he held a press conference. Two of my questions are heard on this audio file.

The first exchange featured a very humorous moment as I yelled four times, “Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul” to get his attention [the first three calls were lost on the transfer from casssete to cd]. Paul recoiled as if protecting himself from an attack, covering his face and head with his arms, then, while laughing said, “I feel  like a lion tamer.”

Earlier in the week, a friend and I contacted the Associated Press in Washington (where Paul had played the previous night), and weinquired about McCartney’s pre-concert press conference there. What was it like? How long, and so forth. To our surprise, we were told that after he addressed the media, Paul hung around to sign autographs for them.

Philly was no different! Once the interviews ended, Paul was besieged by a pack of autograph hounds. He signed for about fifteen minutes. A friend of mine, seated front and center, rushed toward him immediately after the last question, and settled in beside the table in front of McCartney’s microphone, and remained there–only  inches away from McCartney while he signed away.

My friend got several autographs while flipping the pages of his yellow legal pad. He got one for me, too, as I stood a few feet to the right. While standing next to Paul, I asked him the jail question, in a face-to-face personal exchange while he continued to sign autographs.

My second question is heard toward the end of the audio file, when I asked, “Paul, when you were in the Japanese jail, you had written a 10,000-word autobiographical account of your incarceration. You also said that you planned to publish it, and distribute them free from the back of a truck.” His response can be heard on this file.


Play Paul McCartney Press Conference from Veterans Stadium (July 15, 1990 below)

Paul McCartney & Wings Slide Gallery from Spectrum Arena, Philadelphia (May 12, 14, 1976) © roger barone 1976

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