Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is escorted to an idling bus after a show in Philly on June 30, 1975. The backstage lights were kept off, so the Stones could make a quick exit from the arena while the crowd waited for another encore. Keith, center, is toweling off as he darts past workers and security. © ROGER BARONE 1975


The only lighting for this photo came from some fluorescent hallway lights outside the officials’ dressing room up the hall toward the left. Nonetheless, this photo shows what it was like backstage as the Stones’ departed. Keith was toweling off. I spoke with him briefly and shook his hand as he passed by me.

I shook Jagger’s hand, too, as he headed toward the bus, wearing a white robe. He was soaking wet after the performance, a mixture of sweat and a bucket of water he dumped on his head during the encore.

The police officer is Michael Stermal, from the traffic division. Stermal escorted the Stones’ motorcade to the Spectrum. Ronnie Wood, a collector of police badges, rode in the front seat with Stermal, and was given a badge, too.

Officer Stermal also moonlighted as a security guard at the Spectrum. While talking to him one night, I learned that he was married to my first cousin. Another great moment in Spectrum history.


~ by photosfromphilly on March 17, 2011.

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