Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull backstage at the Spectrum

Jethro Tull singer, Ian Anderson, heads toward the Spectrum stage as two security guards look on. Anderson passes beneath a canopy that was constructed for the NHL hockey officials, whose dressing rooms were located a few yards away from the tunnel. I stood next to Art Skove (referee) one night, as a fan poured a full cup of beer on his head. © ROGER BARONE 1975"

JETHRO TULL: THE SPECTRUM (February 25, 1975)

During my days at the Spectrum only two performers said anything about my taking pictures. Martin Barre, the lead guitarist with Jethro Tull, said, “Please don’t take pictures of us back here, we’re ugly. Take all you want when we’re on stage.” Barre was very polite, so I just waited until the band had passed me to take this shot of Ian Anderson heading to the Spectrum stage.

Cat Stevens was the other performer who said something. Although he didn’t mind me taking pictures, he was reluctant to pose with a friend and fellow changeover crew member, Clem DiBattista. Eventually, he acknowledge DiBattista’s request and shook his hand.

~ by photosfromphilly on April 28, 2011.

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