rod stewart arriving at spectrum arena 1975

Rod Stewart makes his way through a maze of music equipment while fluffing his hair backstage at the Spectrum. Stewart was joined by original Faces' guitarist, Ronnie Wood, who had toured with the Rolling Stones during the summer. A Flyers' Stanley Cup net ('74 - 75) is visible in the upper right. The security officer, Joe Quint, observes. © ROGER BARONE 1975


Joe Quint, the security officer standing to the right in the above photo, treated everyone with respect. He didn’t bow; he didn’t condescend. He didn’t kiss ass; he didn’t kick ass. Quint was the quintessential host. Quint usually worked at the Executive, Press and Employee entrance located on the south side of the Spectrum. Mr. Snider’s car was always parked there during Flyers’ games.

Quint made a point of befriending the employees, so he’d know who really worked there. In addition, he’d let us in early to see the shows. Once he really knew you belonged, he’d never stop you. He was wonderful, and nobody abused his generosity. Some guards were nasty, rotten power-hungry freaks who didn’t care if you worked there or not. “Come back after the show.”

Quint was about 68 years old, retired from his previous job, and enjoyed a good cigar. After a few years, Quint would allow my friends in for the open-seating dance concerts. His colleague, Herb Westergard senior was another kind man, who also respected us. Herb’s son, Ray, was the Assistant Operations Director. The number two man behind the scenes.

In the photo above, an exit sign is visible to the left of the net. During the winters, when it was freezing back there, the door was often kept closed. When trucks needed to be loaded or unloaded, these doors remained open, as did, the primary back door at the bottom of the delivery tunnel.


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