Spectrum security officer guards backstage entrance to Kinks' dressing room (4/21/1975) © roger barone photo from philly

A Spectrum security guard secures the entrance to the Kinks' dressing room. The backstage scene wasn't always glamorous and crowded; sometimes it resembled a site more suitable for the Maytag Repairman. © roger barone 1975


This photo shows a lot of the doors and entrances to locker rooms. Each and every door could be the topic of many stories.

1.  Philadelpiha 76ers’ dressing room

2.  Visiting hockey teams’ tunnel walkway (rubber mats were placed between the locker room and tunnel)

3.  Visiting hockey team’s locker room

4.  Director of Operations, Colonel Frank Herbert’s Office

5.  Lower press room lounge, dining area and bathrooms

6.  Cleaners and housekeeping office, Supervised by Sylvester and Ethel

7.  Flyers tunnel to players’ bench

8. Minor office

9. Storage area

10. Philadelphia Flyers’ dressing room

11. Flyers storage area

12. Visiting basketball teams’ dressing room

13. Backstage exit leading to Section C bathroom and concourse level

14. Large storage room where all the liquor collected and the entrances were stored. This eventually  became the Prism Cable Offices

Many of these rooms had been converted to different offices over the years

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