Rolling Stones' singer Mick Jagger performs "Uptight" and "Satisfaction" with Motown star Stevie Wonder at the Spectrum Arena in Philly.: July 21, 1972. photo:© Art Reilly 1972

Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger, right, holds legendary Motown recording artist, Stevie Wonder’s hand as he guides him around the Spectrum Arena stage. Stevie Wonder joined Jagger and the Stones for the encore that featured Jagger and Wonder singing two of their biggest hits, “Uptight” and “Satisfaction,” together. This show is the second (Friday afternoon 7/21 matinee) of three Stones’ performances at the Spectrum on July 20,and July 21. Special thanks to Art Reilly for generously granting permission to use this photo on the “Romancing The Stones Blog” © Art Reilly 1972


Art Reilly, the photographer who captured this  historic image of Mick Jagger and Stevie Wonder performing at the Spectrum Arena during their 1972 North American tour, began his career as a photographer in the jungles of Vietnam where he served as a combat photographer for 19 months.

Later, as his  notes, Reilly worked on Bruce Springsteen’s lighting crew during his first couple of tours and has preserved many memorable  moments with the “Boss” from those days.

Reilly, in addition to being a talented luthier and restorer of antique autos, continued photographing concerts and performers during the fledgling days of their careers and among his rarest and most prized images  are the Allman Brothers at Camden County Community College in the late ’60s, Jimi Hendrix at the Atlanta Pop Festival where, according to Reilly, he performed for the final time in America, and candid shots of Joan Baez with her child, whom she was pregnant with during her Woodstock performance. Reilly also has photographed Led Zeppelin at the Spectrum during their 1971 ZOSO tour.

Reilly has also worked with world renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Fred Simeone, assisting with conceptual displays for his legendary antique car collection, which is said to be worth upward of 500-million dollars.
Today, Reilly is semi-retired, but continues to work on many of the world’s most recognizable sporting events such as  Super Bowls, Championship fights, the Olympics and Showtime Pay-Per-View Broadcasts.

Reilly’s photos can be purchased directly from his website, and they are one of the best bargains you’ll ever find. I highly recommend visiting his site, and if you’re a Stones fan, you’ll love his work.

Art Reilly’s website:

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