david crosby and graham nash attached by philly columnist for rude behavior in philly spectrum arena..courtesy roger barone archives, 10/31/73

Philadelphia Daily News columnist, Larry Fields, comments on David Crosby and Graham Nash’s obscene and disgraceful treatment of Spectrum arena security personnel securing the stage. Crosby repeatedly called them the “assholes in blue.” Spectrum security, at the time, wore bright blue jackets and matching pants with a vertical stripe on the sides, topped off with a policeman’s styled hat, also blue. For some reason, Crosby didn’t want them near the stage. The configuration was a small theater, where the stage was setup on the Flyers’ blue line, utilizing about one quarter of the arena. It was a very intimate setting. I had purchased six tickets for friends.


David Crosby and Graham Nash were the first of many performers that I considered my favorite recording singers/artists. I hadn’t begun to take photos until two years later, in February 1975. During the encore, I walked over to the stage and stood next to the steps and waited for them to walk my way. A few minutes I met Crosby and Nash for the first time. Crosby said, “Thanks a lot, man,” as shook both their hands and wished them well.

 The Philadelphia Flyers had just begun their 1973-74 Stanley Cup Victory year campaign. For me, the season started with meeting Crosby and Nash and ended working the ice crew during the Flyers victory over Boston for the Stanley Cup. I rolled out the carpet for Kate Smith as she sung “God Bless America,” and had to fix a hole in the net before the game. I was inside the Boston net, on my knees, with snippets of elastic twine, knotting it tightly as I wound it around the base of the goal post. The Bruins continued skated by and spraying me with snow and ice. Linesman John DiAmico leaned into the net and began yelling at me. “GET THAT FUCKEN NET FIXED…WE NEED TO START.”

Meanwhile, Boston Goalie, Gill Gilbert, skated back and forth across the crease, also spraying me, as i worked on the net behind him…his big ol’ goalie stick sweeping by every so often to clear some pucks out of the net. Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito skated over to Kate Smith and gave her a bunch of roses.  WHAT MEMORIES …

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