Stephen Stills wear a Philadelphia Flyers jersey while performing at Villanova University in 1975. photo: © roger barone 2015

Stephen Stills signed my photo of him–wearing a Philadelphia Flyers #16 Bobby Clark jersey from a concert at the Villanova Field House in 1975–when he arrived at the Spectrum with Neil Young for the Stills/Young show on June 29, 1976. . The Flyers won the Stanley Cup in ’74 and ’75 and Stills wore the same jersey a year earlier at the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young show at the Atlantic City Raceway on August 9th–the same day President Nixon resigned the presidency. photo:© roger barone 2015


The above print, signed by  Stephen Stills with a brown Sharpie marker in 1976, was damaged when a cup of orange juice spilled and seeped inside the frame. Over time, the photo adhered to the glass and it couldn’t be separated without damaging the print’s surface.

Several  scientific friends from the hospital– using specialized chemicals and solvents–also tried to rescue the print but were unsuccessful. Eventually, I threw caution to the wind and gently lifted the edges of one side. I was gaining confidence, too much, apparently. As I began lifting the opposite side, the surface of the print (emulsion) tore away from the base. I’ve since scanned the photo and after some photoshop work on stains and tear marks, published it here.

There’s a lesson for everyone here: Always use a mat board over a special photo when it’s framed, so the photo doesn’t touch the surface of  the glass and ruin a treasured memento.


~ by photosfromphilly on February 21, 2015.

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